When you are building your skin care kit with products to counter balance the signs of aging and reclaim your youthful looks, you may consider buying a collagen cream. These products are specially formulated with selected ingredients along with collagen to replace lost protein in the skin so that it looks younger and firmer like before.

The skin care manufactures have realized the importance of collagen hence they heavily bank upon it to create effective anti-aging skin creams that sell the dream of a youthful and flawless complexion. These products are in high demand in the world of skin care products.

However, you must be careful when taking your pick from the plethora of products available in the market.

Before we get into the collagen cream benefits, let’s look into how it works and how it can benefit your skin by removing the effects of aging.

Collagen Cream Benefits For Skin

Most of the anti-aging skin creams and lotions available in the market today contain collagen as their main ingredient. The reason is simple because the consumers are more informed and they look for ‘collagen’ in the ingredient list before buying a product.

Studies have shown that collagen, the effective binding protein can help restore the elasticity of the skin and fight other signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, crow feet, laugh lines, frowns and so on.  This explains why there’s such a huge demand for collagen based skin creams.

Most of these products contain synthetic collagen, which is mainly derived from animals like pigs, cows, or fish. The fish-based collagen is mostly found in supplements instead of the skin creams.

People who prefer products that do not contain animal derivatives need not lose hope because there are creams that contain plant collagen too.

Besides collagen as one of the most active ingredients, the skin creams will also contain other ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, and these are antioxidants and hyaluronic acid like vitamin C and E.

Please be warned that not all collagen based creams are good for you. Some of them may contain very little amount of collagen (just for the name sake) and contain harmful skin irritants like dyes and synthetic perfumes.

You must steer clear of these and carefully study the ingredient list to ensure that the cream contains enough collagen and other effective skin-friendly ingredients.

How does collagen creams work to improve your looks

There are several skin care companies that promise to offer the best collagen cream that offers maximum benefits to your skin. These skin care creams are advertised as skin smoothening and firming gel that can make your face look fuller and younger.  It is also known to work as an anti-aging substance to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines.

The ingredients present in a collagen cream are useful in improving the texture of the skin and filling up the wrinkles and fine lines temporarily. Thus, they are considered as effective anti-aging treatment solutions.

Studies have shown that unlike what most companies claim, the collagen molecules present in the cream are too small to be able to penetrate into the skin. Thus, they work as a temporary solution to fix the wrinkles and fine lines.

However, it should be remembered that this is only a topical solution. The molecules do not penetrate into the skin and they stay on the surface, no matter which type of collagen the cream contains.

There are some manufacturers that claim that the micro collagen works better at penetrating the upper layer of the skin. Despite that, it cannot establish a bond with the existing collagen in the skin.

However the ingredients in a collagen cream can highly benefit your skin.

Even though collagen creams cannot penetrate into the skin to work inside out, the thick texture can work as a temporary fix to smoothen out the fine lines and make you look younger than your age. Thus, it can work as a feasible addition to your skin care regimen.


Collagen cream contains a plethora of ingredients including moisturizers and emollients that help to smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles. Most of these collagen creams are animal or plant based, and they may be listed in the ingredient list as micro collagen or hydrolyzed collagen.

Although the collagen creams are advertised as anti-aging solutions, it should be understood that they only provide a temporary fix for fine lines and wrinkles.