If you are conscious about beauty and wellness then you have perhaps heard about collagen, which is the latest buzz in the industry. It is looked upon as a hot commodity and the ingredient is used in a variety of products from skin creams to supplements.

Madelyn Fernstrom, the Health Editor at NBC News says collagen is in high demand because it is considered as a naturally occurring compound that binds things together and keeps the skin looking and feeling younger.

As we age, the collagen found in our body starts to deplete. It is also affected by sun exposure and bad lifestyle. To add to our woes, the body starts producing less collagen as we reach 30s.

When the collagen depletes, skin loses its elasticity and firmness. The face loses its plump structure and sagging skin pops up its ugly face followed by fine lines, wrinkles, crow feet and what not.

Instead of losing your cool, it’s time to look for an effective health and skin care solution. With collagen being the ‘it’ thing these days, more people are turning to it for a solution.

Top grade supplement manufacturers and skin care companies also recognize this demand and they tout the collagen benefits of their products.

Does Collagen Cream Work?

There is a sea of collagen based products ranging from pills and powders to beauty creams and lotions. No wonder the collagen based products have earned a lot of popularity, however there’s little scientific evidence to show that they are actually capable of providing skin and health benefits.

Some of the most popular claims are healthier hair, youthful skin, healthier joints and bones.

But before you go ahead and purchase a collagen cream, it is important to find out whether or not they work as claimed by the companies.

The collagen creams are not a new invention, but they have gained more popularity in the recent years. They appear to be one of the best skin care solutions mainly due to the way they have been promoted and advertised by the manufacturers.

The basic logic that works behind it is that skin is made from collagen as the main substance so if you apply a collagen cream on your skin, it should get absorbed and result in improved skin.

However, it works only in theory. In reality the collagen creams are not exactly as they are touted by skin care companies.

Collagen is actually a large molecule and it does not exactly penetrate the skin to reach the cells beneath the skin. Instead, it sits there on the top only to be washed off when you splash water on your face or take a shower.

That doesn’t mean the collagen creams should be written off. They actually hold a lot of moisture which works as an advantage to smoothen out the fine lines and moisturize dry skin. However, they do not play any role in strengthening the skin.

Innovative techniques that create better collagen creams

Considering the high demand for collagen-based skin care solutions, manufacturers are trying to come up with innovative techniques to create better creams and lotions. Some manufacturers use hydrolyzed collagen, which is collagen broken down into smaller bits that can easily be absorbed by the skin.

However despite downsizing the collagen into smaller fragments, they may still not be small enough to properly integrate with the original collagen framework of your skin.

There are a few companies that claim to have developed unique transdermal technologies that are capable of delivering full-size collagen into the skin. However these claims lack evidences and research work is required to find out whether this formulation can actually improve the skin quality and elasticity.


Although there’s not enough scientific evidence to prove that collagen actually restores the elasticity and plump factor of the skin, the collagen cream typically contains natural and herbal ingredients that are useful. The cream works as an excellent moisturizer so apply it at night after cleansing your face and let it work overnight.

You should be able to see a marked difference in your skin texture with reduces fine lines and wrinkles within a month’s use. There’s nothing to lose, so we would suggest that you try a collagen based cream to see if it works for you.