Collagen creams may have become commercially more popular in the world of skin care products in the recent times, but this is not a new invention. The quest for finding anti-aging solutions started 3000 years in the ancient civilizations.

Several studies reveal that the modern collagen cream we use today is actually a descendant of the Egyptian anti-wrinkle creams that were made using the essential oil of frankincense.

The Romans were known to make facial beauty masks using starch and eggs and in the renaissance era people used face masks made from eggs and lemon juice.

The Egyptians and Romans not only created effective facial masks but they also followed a proper method to apply the masks. It holds true even today. Whether you are applying a facial mask or an anti-aging skin cream, it is important to apply it in the right manner.

In this article we will discuss how to apply collagen cream to get the best results. However before we get into how to apply the cream, let’s briefly discuss about collagen cream and its benefits.

As we age, the ability of our body to create collagen also decreases and this is considered as a natural part of aging. Our body is made from structural protein and skin is perhaps the largest organ found in the body and collagen is one of the essential building blocks of the skin.

The main role of collagen is to work as a binding material and keep your skin tight and elastic.

As the body produces less amount of collagen, the skin starts to sag and over the time several signs of aging emerge robbing you ofyouthful appearance. According to the manufactures, the collagen creams can work as an additional supplement for the skin when its natural ability to produce collagen decreases.

These collagen facial creams are specially formulated to make the skin feel softer and firmer.  The anti-wrinkle creams based on collagen actually come with five different formulas and each formula claims to offer you a different set of skin benefits.

The main ingredients that are used in collagen creams are labeled as ‘active ingredients’ and their main role is to stimulate the skin’s natural production of collagen which has been decreased due to the onset of aging. According to the manufacturers, as you apply the collagen cream on your face, the skin absorbs the active ingredients and benefits from them.

However, it is worth mentioning that despite the far-fetched claims made by manufactures of collagen creams, several studies have shown that collagen molecules are large in size hence they cannot penetrate into the skin.

At the most it can moisturize and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The claim of boosting the production of collagen is still questionable.

Despite of that, collagen based creams are considered as the ‘it’ product in the market and their demand has risen by leaps by bounds. A considerable part of the skin benefits come from the supporting ingredients present along with collagen, so make sure you check them before buying a cream.

You must avoid products that contain synthetics and chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, triclosan. Instead choose the ones that contain natural ingredients like antioxidants, kinetin, copper peptides, and honey.

Steps to apply collagen cream

Now that we know which collagen cream to choose, below are the steps to follow when applying collagen cream in the morning or at night. We would recommend that you apply the cream at least twice every day.

Here are the instructions to apply the cream:

  • Wash your face and neck with a gentle soap free cleanser and pat dry
  • Take a generous amount of collagen cream and apply all over the cleaned area with gentle upwards strokes using your finger tips
  • While applying the cream, concentrate on areas that have most visible signs of damage of aging
  • Allow the cream to be completely absorbed by the skin. When the skin starts to feel dry, apply one more time
  • Apply a little collagen gel around the eye area and use your ring finger to apply pressure
  • Collagen based hair creams may also be used to improve the quality and texture of hair


Along with applying collagen creams to reclaim your youthful looks, we suggest that you also lead a healthier lifestyle.

Avoid junk food, caffeine and cigarettes. Drink plenty of water, consume fresh fruit and green veggies, get enough exercise and sleep.