The best looking skin is a healthy skin. Damage to skin does not occur overnight. It also cannot be repaired overnight. It is important that we exercise the best skin regimen on a daily basis.

The aging of skin is heavily dependent upon the environment.  This occurs over a long period of time and, in fact, damage is evident even before you see the visible signs.

The skin comprises two major layers: the epidermis which is made of skin cells that constantly regenerate, and dermis which houses collagen and elastin to support our skin and gives it structure.  Visible aging occurs when the sun and other environmental factors that create free radicals damage the structure of either the epidermis or dermis.

Features of the SkinPro Neck Firming Cream

SkinPro Neck Firming Cream Review

Introducing the SkinPro Neck Firming Cream, an age resisting & skin firming serum made with peptides and aquatic collagen.  Ingredients: Vitamin A. Retinol, Argireline, Matrixyl 3000 and Squalene.  It comes in a 60ml (2 fl. Oz) classy container.


  • Scientifically examined ingredients and easily absorbed by the skin. It is also hypoallergenic.
  • Instant skin firming effect due to the Argireline content.  Argireline gently relaxes the face muscles, ensuing fewer distinct wrinkles and finer skin appearance.  Argireline is also known as botox without the use of injections which eliminates the fear of needles.
  • It eliminates and reduces blotches for a youthful and glowing skin because of the retinol content. The vitamin A that is found in retinol nurtures the skin that instantly fights signs of aging.
  • Their top-of-the-line components aim at fighting skin problems like drooping and other conditions through several passageways.  Peptides bring back skin flexibility by advancing collagen creation. The antioxidants work to restore and renew healthy new skin cells that are tough and more flexible to the elements.
  • Matrixyl 3000 imitates non-working collagen in the skin, inspiring the creation of skin tightening collagen and elastin.
  • Aquatic collagen creates broader skin cells, obviously healthy and glowing skin.  It also stops aging and reduces skin oxidation.
  • It will be able to assist, make firm and stiffen the fine skin on your chin, upper chest and neck.  It also reinstates skin’s metabolism by invigorating production of collagen. Retinol maximizes massive production of collagen-I, -IV, -VII and –XVII due to its fast absorption of the skin.
  • It has a complete mixture of peptides and antioxidants.


  • It is pricey or expensive
  • Some buyers are hesitant to use it. They want something they know to use it first and want to know if the results are true before they even use it.  This also includes the fear of side effects like itchiness and red spots.
  • Some people are also worried if the product will emit a funny odor when applied to the skin.
  • Some people are worried if the cream is greasy and heavy on the skin.


With SkinPro’s patented technology combined with the five top-of-the-line ingredients, this is surely the best product in the market.  Anti-aging ingredients are designed to assist skin in rebuilding and repairing in the aftermath of the continuing damage of cells.

Delivery of nutrients that are vital to the skin is limited in this level. That is why you need Skin Pro neck firming cream now.


Strivectin 50 ml (NIA-114 a state-of-the-art delivery system) helps boost the effects of other skincare ingredients like retinol, vitamin C and peptides.  The NIA-114 elevates retinol, vitamin C and peptides to their top level of performance.

SkinPro’s has also a patented technology similar to Strivectin.  SkinPro has 10ml more in content than Strivectin.

All Strivectin products are niacin based.  Niacin or Vitamin B3 is absorbed by the skin within cells and through a receptor that generates healthier skin cells and builds stronger skin barrier.

It also promotes DNA repair, increases energy, activates longevity proteins, increases cell turnover and retains moisture of the skin which ultimately leads to healthier and youthful skin. Niacin absorbed in the skin benefits conditions like acne, psoriasis and other types of skin damage.

It prevents signs of aging like wrinkles, discoloration and sagging of the skin, while creating a more toned and radiant complexion.  Above skin benefits are also similar to SkinPro’s performance.

Strivectin contains no alcohol, artificial dye or colour and petroleum, making it safe to use on all skin types.  Likewise, SkinPro is hypoallergenic.  SkinPro has immediate skin firming effects, while Strivectin results can only be visible in 2 weeks.  Both Strivectin and SkinPro are pricey or expensive.


Both products are good.  SkinPro has an advantage in terms of instant skin-firming effects and has 10ml more content too.

So, stop aging and get rid of that sagging turkey neck.  Feel and see the difference.  You can feel and look younger than your age by using SkinPro neck firming cream that has immediate skin-firming effects.  Buy it now!