The world of cosmetics and beauty products seem to be buzzing with the word ‘collagen’. There are a plethora of products that promise to boost its production, stimulate it, infuse it and support it. You might recognize it as a vital item in your skin cream, body lotion or even supplements.

But, what is collagen? What does collagen do? Let’s find out.

Collagen is a glue-type substance that works like a binding material that holds the body together. It is the most abundant form of protein available in our bodies. It can be found in bones, skin, muscles, digestive system, blood vessels and tendons.

As we age, we lose a considerable amount of collagen which results in loss of elasticity in the skin. It results in various aging signs such as sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. It also causes joint pain due to the decreased or reduced cartilage.

Loss of collagen and inability of our body to produce enough of this substance as we age also results in thinning of hair and lack of luster. Studies have shown the collagen-related health issues mostly arise due to genetic defects, digestive problems, and nutritional deficiencies affecting the overall production of collagen.

Life style choices also highly contribute to lower levels of collagen in the body. So, individuals who consume a lot of sugar in their diet, smoke a lot or get lots of sun exposure may suffer from rapidly depleting collagen.

Studies have shown that most of the collagen-related diseases mainly arise as a result of poor intake of collagen-rich foods, genetic defects, digestive issues and nutritional deficiencies.

Many people consider taking/ applying supplements or skin care products that contain collagen to reduce the effects of aging.

How can you counterbalance the breakdown?

Ageing is an inevitable process and sadly, there’s nothing much we can do about it. However, we can reverse the effect of time and look several years younger.

There are companies worth multi-billion dollars that are focused on creating products that stimulate the production of collagen in our bodies. Below we have listed some of the main benefits of collagen.

Collagen is one of the best natural skin care ingredients available. It significantly helps in reducing the stretch marks and cellulite. When the level of collagen decreases and skin loses its elasticity, another visible side effect is cellulite.

As the skin gets thinner due to depleting collagen, the cellulite becomes more prominent. When you use infuse collagen into your skin, it helps in restoring the elasticity and reduces the dimpling effect on your skin.

Skeleton legs are another common health issue caused by loss of collagen in the body. As we age and lose collagen, the ligaments and tendons get stiffer. They become difficult to move and result in swollen and painful joints.

We know collagen is that gel like binding material that holds the bones together and helps you move about without pain. Injecting some collagen into the joints can reduce the pain and inflammation.

This explains why collagen is considered as an effective treatment for osteoarthritis, joint pain and other disorders.

Leaky gut is another health issue that can be treated with collagen. We know that several types of illnesses can be traced back to irritation or inflammation of an unhealthy gut. The poor health condition of the gut includes permeability in the gut lining and microbiome.

So, leaking gut is a condition where the harmful toxins pass through the digestive tract. Collagen can be helpful in this case as it helps in breaking down the proteins and soothing the lining of your gut.

It also helps in healing the damaged cell walls by infusing it with amino acids.


While we know that depleting collagen is the reason behind the loss of elasticity in skin and inflamed joints, there is no magic cure for this. There are many skin care products and supplements in the market that contain collagen but it would be wrong to expect overnight results.

You must choose the products wisely and supplement them with a good collagen-rich diet to see a visible difference in your skin. You must also improve your lifestyle and get rid of the bad health habits to lead a happier and healthier life.